Academia CLAR Case Study

Emotional First Aid Kit

Our customer

The C.L.A.R. Academy (Consciousness. Liberty. Authenticity. Responsibility.) offers people and organizations education and development programs, using a proprietary psychology method, created by Dr. Alina Caprioara.

The challenge

To help shine light on the psychological impacts of the COVID pandemic, the C.L.A.R. Academy organized in November 2020 a conference for people who needed support to better manage their emotional state during these challenging times.

The main focus of the mission was to highlight how anxiety and depression could negatively impact people’s fight against COVID-19. The message was about personal power. The power each individual has but does not always know about. Alina and her team felt it was important to send a message of hope to their audience.

However, the C.L.A.R. Academy wanted to offer more than information and statistics: they wanted to offer the world a simple set of psychological tools, tips and tricks on how to better manage their emotional state without depending on the outside world.

The idea was a hit. When more than 2,000 participants registered for the conference, Alina decided our software solution was the best outlet for providing participants with access to help.

The solution

MySmart.App developed an “emotional first aid kit”, an interactive web application that helps users become aware of their emotions. Then, based on the results, the user received personalized written and audio guidance.

Application type: Web

Development time: 2 days

The results

The kit was sent to 2,000 people and was accessed hundreds of times a day after the event.



Now we know! Whenever we have another project, we will call MySmart.App. When I started the emotional management project during COVID-19, I aimed high and I had an amazing reaction from people. We had a record number of signups and MySmart.App developed for us the app that got us closer to people in a fast, efficient and great way!

Alina Căprioară

Psychologist & Founder Academia CLAR

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