Rent a Car Software

Create, update and manage your fleet within minutes.

A complete solution with customized integration for your car rental fleet.



From your request to your custom Rent a Car App in just a few days.


MySmart.App helps you focus on your Rent a Car business and not on costs.


The Rent a Car app can be customized according to your business needs.


Designed to help integrate services, optimize flow and boost productivity.

2 Modules

  • Customer view
  • Admin view

2 User Roles

  • Customer
  • Administrator


Access the complete available fleet, choose your car and options and obtain a quote within minutes. Get going by creating and validating a new account with few clicks.


Add, edit and manage your fleet and bookings in a simple and efficient way. View detailed statistics and access the booking calendar at your convenience.

Have easy access to your rent-a-car business, from anywhere just by using your tablet or smartphone

Track the efficiency of your rental fleet and optimize your services by analyzing data in real time

Intuitive and user-friendly navigation where customers can pre-book a vehicle in just a few minutes

Save all data in one place so you won’t need to use other storage software

Per User / Billed Monthly
Unlimited number of cars
Unlimited number of customers
All the features available
Standard customization included
Per User / Billed Yearly
Unlimited number of cars
Unlimited number of customers
All the features available
Standard customization included


MySmart.App is a simple and intuitive way to digitize business processes and manage team projects and tasks. With specially designed apps and modules you have everything you need to manage your team, stay in sync, meet deadlines, and reach your goals. Discover our complete solutions here.

MySmart.App starts at €29 per month and has the option to cancel at any time. Tell us more about your customization idea by writing us a message.

Due to the customizable nature of MySmart.App, your ERP solution will be delivered in just a few days.

MySmart.App can be modified according to any needs of your business. Our developers created a fully flexible environment, making it a perfect fit for your business. Let us know more about your specific needs.

Yes, our Smart Apps are flexible and we can integrate with any platform that has a public API (e.g.: Google Drive, MS Office, Jira, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Salesforce, Zendesk, Zapier & many more). Feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Yes, our Smart Apps support multiple languages and multiple currencies.

No, not unless you select the yearly subscription, which has a discount. Otherwise, we bill monthly and you can cancel anytime.

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