Digital Transformation Done Right: Choosing the Correct Smart App

Digital transformation goes naturally out of an adaptive need in the actual global context. It is one of the goals that many small and mid-sized businesses are looking to achieve. More than ever, automating services can be crucial for the wellbeing and resilience of your business.

Since any SmartApp (ERP solution) is a transformational business initiative with key competitive advantages, when choosing a provider, the following criteria should be considered:

1. The SmartApp must flex to fit your company’s needs (and not vice versa)

The main purpose of every SmartApp is to help any business in reorganizing its processes and functions. A rational analysis of the chosen modules and features should be done before considering implementation. This aspect can be easily learned from the available online demos, descriptions and explanatory screenshots.

All existing SmartApps are adaptable to your company’s needs and workflow requirements through the available “Custom Development” option. Thanks to this fair-priced option, our programming team will upgrade the chosen ERP system in harmony with your needs and within only a few days since submitting your request.

2. Compatibility and Integration with existing software and mobile devices

SmartApps automate the business processes into simpler streams.  A component or module can (partially) replace existing compatible software. They will be integrated with a new chosen App so that the data can flow between the existing systems. Integration is a significant aspect, and you should plan it before choosing your SmartApp solution and not after you start using one.

Mobile integration helps your business take advantage of the SmartApp functionality, benefits, and data anywhere and anytime. Mobility becomes more rampant with every day. Choosing a solution with the capability and flexibility to enhance the workflow or integrate with the existing software optimizes the whole process.

3. Fast Deployment & Reasonable costs

ERP solutions consist of efficiently created modules and components, and therefore, personalizing the chosen SmartApps takes a short time from your order to initial deployment.

Digital transformation in business comes typically with financial decisions, just as every investment and expense has a specific budget. With SmartApps, you basically won’t have any significant financial decisions to take as the prices are fair and paid yearly. You will not have to worry about budgeting an initial ERP cost, along with the implementation, integration, and onboarding, as you will receive a fixed price from the beginning (or a personalized quote when opting for custom development and additional features).

4. Easy updates and reliable support

After implementing a SmartApp, there might still be things that could be slightly modified to ensure your processes’ smoother run. This is where our reliable support comes into action, ready to offer full assistance regarding any needed updates or adjustments included in your package.

Another important aspect is the expertise awareness of your team members regarding the chosen solution. Your ERP will be used by several staff members that might be in various company departments. Your team is accustomed to the resources on the hand; therefore, make sure they will have a proper understanding of the implemented SmartApp.

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