Top 5 customizable ERP software solutions to grow your business with

ERP is a simple and intuitive way to digitize business processes and manage resources, team projects, clients, and bring your business to the next level. But sometimes, regular ERP software might be missing features that your business needs. This usually means that your company will have to change processes and workflows – adapting the way your business works to what the software can do, instead of the other way around. With, this is no longer a problem as you can now have a custom ERP software that will become a perfect fit for your business.


Here below are the top 5 customizable ERP software from that can take your business to the desired level:

Business ERP

The complete suite of modules that can help all the key aspects of your small to medium-sized business. Business ERP is a simple and scalable solution that grows with your business.

The ERP app currently has 11 flexible modules that can easily be customized and integrated with any third-party software:

  • Employee Management
  • Evaluation Management
  • Presence Management
  • Salary Management
  • Asset Management
  • License Management
  • Project Management
  • Company Strategy
  • Administration
  • Invoicing Management
  • Budget Management

Business ERP was developed to help your company map all business processes in one place and improve the efficiency of the team. It all sounds good, right? Why not check the app’s dedicated page and learn how it will help.

Events app Events represents a complete solution with customized integration for the management of any online or offline event. If your company operates in this area of expertise, this just might be the right solution! Creating an event takes minutes, it is customizable and can easily be branded with your company’s identity. The app helps you manage all your events and resources in one place.

Once created, you can also track the success of your event with real-time statistics and graphs sorted by participation rate, sales by ticket type, time, and payment methods.

The ERP event management solution comes with three modules: Web app, Mobile app, and Website Integration, and three user roles: Admin, Organizer, and Attendee.

Get ready to build your unique event by using the powerful features of Events. Learn more on the app’s official page.

Rent a car’s Rent-a-car is a complete solution with customized integration for your car rental fleet. It is different from other similar apps due to its simple and intuitive interface. 

Once the app is customized for your business and configured, you will be able to create, update and manage your fleet within minutes.

Main benefits:

  • You have easy access to your rent-a-car business, from anywhere just by using your tablet or smartphone;
  • You can track the efficiency of your rental fleet and optimize your services by analyzing data in real-time;
  • It is intuitive and user-friendly navigation where customers can pre-book a vehicle in just a few minutes;
  • You can automatically save all data in one place so you won’t need to use other storage software;

The ERP Rent-a-car software has two user roles:

  • Customer: access the complete available fleet, choose your car and options and obtain a quote within minutes. Get going by creating and validating a new account with a few clicks;
  • Admin: add, edit and manage your fleet and bookings in a simple and efficient way. View detailed statistics and access the booking calendar at your convenience.

If you want to learn more about this app or have any questions, simply visit the dedicated Rent-a-car app page and get in touch.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking from is designed to help your company better track the time spent on various activities or tasks and get things done with a time management app that helps you focus on what matters most. The ERP app is fast, scalable, and fully customizable to your company’s requirements.

The time management ERP app comes with three user roles: Employee, Supervisor, and Manager. On the official app page, you will find complete details on the features of each role.

Time Tracking stands out also through its one-tap app design, multiple language support, and the fact that it can be accessed from any device, anywhere: desktop, mobile, or tablet.


SMS App is a complete ERP solution for managing message flows with business partners and/or customers. An intuitive and powerful SMS scheduling tool that delivers your messages, securely and directly to your contacts’ pockets.

Notable features include:

  • You can instantly send SMSs directly from your clients’ list;
  • Add or edit clients and create personalized client categories;
  • Create and edit SMS templates in an intuitive, simple yet effective way;
  • Analyze data through the advanced reports that include the sent messages, type, date and time, and status, filtering them by categories;
  • Add users/managers to the platform within seconds: Create and give access to your team’s members and review their efforts.’s SMS software is delivered as a fully customized app, ready-to-use, matching your company’s identity and branding. Find out how it can help your company thrive on the official page.

SMS marketing is easy to understand and should be an active part of your marketing strategy. Because it is a communication channel that helps you reach a large number of users, it is fast and convenient. In addition, by using SMS.App you benefit from a higher open and response rate than other methods such as emails and even social media. 

Schedule a free demo and find out how an optimized and executed SMS marketing campaign gives you a solid advantage over the competition.

Discover the full potential of the’s software suite in just a few clicks! Start today by planning your FREE online demo.

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